How to Unlock the Full Power of Your Intuition

Gerard Adams is back with the season premiere of his Leaders Create Leaders, a show dedicated to documenting the world’s greatest leaders, conscious creators and heart-led entrepreneurs.

In this video, Adams sits down to interview Vishen Lakhiani, the founder behind the massive movement MindValley, one of the top personal growth education tech platforms in the world. To start, Lakhiani shares the moment he decided to leave his dream job at Microsoft and decided not to shake Bill Gates’s hand when this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity came up.

Lakhiani then explains why tapping into our hearts is the key to hearing the purpose our intuition is guiding us toward. They both share their advice on how to build a thriving team culture and what it takes to create a worldwide movement.

To watch the full conversation with Gerard Adams and Vishen Lakhiani, click the video above.

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